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Jewelry Artist Bob Wolf

Bob Wolf is a lapidary jewelry artist who turns stones like Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, Australian Opal, and Larimar into beautiful pieces of jewelry.  Working as a full-time artist, every jewelry piece is designed and made by hand in our shop.

To make a jewelry piece, Mr. Wolf either selects a piece of natural rock to cut and polish or he hand picks a stone from sources around the world. After polishing each stone to a mirror finish, it is wrapped in precious metal wire using only his hands, a pair of pliers and snippets. Nothing is mass-produced and no two pieces are exactly alike.

“One of my most popular rocks is Texas petrified palm wood, which is about thirty five million years old and is the official State stone.  The petrified wood we use is found near Lake Livingston, Texas near Houston.  We hunted for for Texas petrified wood in this region.“

Other popular stones are Coober Pedy opal from Australia and turquoise from Nevada and Arizona.  Opal obtains it fire actually from microscopic water droplets interspersed through the opal’s silica.  The water is encapsulated, so there is no danger of an opal losing it’s fire, but the fact an opal’s fire is coming from water is quite interesting.  Another interesting fact is that the fire in an opal is seldom equally distributed throughout the opal.  The color often is in a ‘color band’ which widens and narrows throughout the opal, thus making it fun to cut.  You cut a little, look a little, and decide when you have the best fire the opal will produce.  Then you stop cutting because if you don’t, you may grind all the beautiful color you saw away!

“The Sleeping Beauty Mine Turquoise nuggets and rough we cut for our jewelry is 100% un-stabalized, gem-grade Turquoise that was obtained from the Sleeping Beauty Mine before it was closed four years ago.  I always asked for un-stablized turquoise because the robbin-egg color is brighter than when the turquoise is hardened chemically.  Our Sleeping Beauty pieces are 100% natural, unaltered turquoise. We also cut many other types of turquoise from Nevada.  Nevada has more turquoise mines than any other State, including Arizona and New Mexico.  All of our Turquoise was mined in the United States except that from the Evans Turquoise mine in Baja, California.”

Mr. Wolf is a self taught artist, a member of the National Association of Independent Artists, former member of the Houston Gem and Mineral Society and has shown his work at many locales including the Houston Museum of Natural Science Main Exhibit Hall.  He has also demonstrated his craft on many occasions showing audiences what various stones like opal, turquoise, and larimar look like before they are made into jewelry.

The Texas Commission on the Arts selected Bob Wolf in 2007/08 and then again in 2009/10 as a State of Texas Artist Finalist . Although he did not win the final competition, his art was presented before the Texas State Legislature, and he is honored to have been selected one of five state-wide finalists on two consecutive occasions.  My goal is to produce jewelry that is:

“Turquoise, Opal, and Larimar

Always Beautiful – Always Stylish”

Thank you for visiting our store.

Bob Wolf, Lapidary Jewelry Artist

New Braunfels, Texas